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SMFX is a brand addicted to action sports, music and life. I work hard to create your dreams. Get ready for the fun of it! Stay focused and always be gentle ... sport free (as the german says)

Here's a little story that must be told ...


grown up as a kid in East Germany. My father used to have a job at the woodwork. In 1986 a wooden plank, a pair of rollerskates and a screwdriver were all we need. High 5 to my brother!


That "thing" was a mess but we had fun! Just crusin and crashin around with that spongy rollin wood. Learning, having fun and making sports. No tricks, no politics.


In the early 1990s me and my little brother bought our first skateboard from TITUS. Baggy pants and the basecap on, every day was just skateboarding and basketball (there was the NBA on german telly, remember?). Hangin around with friends in skateparks, searching for new spots and began filming our tricks.


the saga continues ...

At the end of June 2013 we present our very first skateboard design in two colorways, two shapes and 3 different sizes.

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